Mission Statement

Our company's mission is to institute a systematic approach to the transformation of application software across the enterprise by offering a best-of-breed integrated modernization platform.


Synchrony Systems provides end-to-end software transformation and modernization solutions. Our products help you analyze modernize and evolve mission-critical legacy applications to latest software platforms and architectures. We can help transform your legacy applications from host platforms such as COBOL, RPG and PL1, and 4GL platforms such as ADABAS/Natural, COOL:Gen, and VAGen, to web-based architectures with rich graphical interfaces running HTML/Javascript/CSS. We also have extensive experience in converting client/server platforms such as Smalltalk, Java, VisualBasic and PowerBuilder to rich graphical user interfaces.

Value Proposition

100% Guarantee
Synchrony guarantees that your converted target application will work identical to your original source application. No other company or solution can give you that guarantee.

Unique Technology 
Synchrony's tools encompass a rich portfolio of products that automate the modernization of complex, large-scale business applications at a fraction of original cost and time, and provide you with the ability to measure, estimate and track the modernization progress.

Experienced Team
Synchrony's leading technical and management team bring hundreds of person years in combined experience in the market of Enterprise Modernization. Team members are always on, connected, and provide a fast turnaround to support the needs of our customers.

Synchrony Systems, Inc.

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United States of America

Tel. +1 (203) 355-3636
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Sales: sales@sync-sys.com
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We've built a healthy and inspiring culture where our employees have the opportunity to make a direct impact and achieve their personal and professional goals. Joining Synchrony means that you'll be part of a team consisting of some of the best and brightest in the industry!

If you like a challenge, don't mind hard work and want to have a little fun, Synchrony may be the place for you. We are currently hiring for the following positions:

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Slavik Zorin
President/CEO, Founder


Regena Anderson
EVP, Co-founder

Oleg Arsky
SVP, Chief Product Officer

David Roeger
Chief Architect
Platform & Tools

Corey Grimes
Chief Engineer
Platform & Tools

Mike Brouwers
Senior Engineer
Platform & Tools