3270/5250 Modernization to Web 2.0 Solution

Put an end to dumb-terminal front-end and rapidly transform your green-screen applications to native Web 2.0 platform - NO screen scraping! This highly automated and highly customizable facelift solution is fast, cost-effective and guarantees functional equivalence and minimizes end-user retraining. Choose an incremental, piece-meal, staged UI modernization to a Web 2.0 platform and architecture.

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Facelift Patterns

Standard rules included cover the commonly used patterns used in 3270/5250 form design. Custom patterns can be added using powerful, easy-to-use patterns development tools. 

Color coded patterns allow for quickly identifying matches of form fields

Pattern matches can be visualized on the TUI form original layout using the pattern colors.

Pattern development tool allow for immediate preview of generated source code from a form.

Patterns are matched against all forms in the application. Match statistic and the snapshot view allow tracking matches due to changes in pattern rules.

Patterns rules are based on powerful matching and generation scripts. Generation snippets and binding view allow for easily debugging rule generation and matching results.

Tag rules enable powerful pattern matching customization using regular expressions to identify specific fields in forms.

 Full list of forms displays current status and associated defects and can be filtered based on a specific property, status or matched pattern.

Full list of forms displays current status and associated defects and can be filtered based on a specific property, status or matched pattern.


Facelift Testing Lifecycle

Testing of facelift transformation is facilitated by integrated tools that allow visibility of testing status and progress by all stakeholders.

Facelift transformations can be verified using powerful previewer technology that allows quick navigation through all forms in the application without having to execute running code. Defects can be entered and status of each form can be tracked and updated directly from the previewer.

Defect entry user interface includes functionality to take browser screen shots without the need of a plugin or external program. Captured screens are attached to defects and can be tracked by the modernization lifecycle platform.

Forms associated with defects can be immediately seen from the pattern development user interface and defect details for a specific form can be easily fetched.

All defect details are available, including the browser screen shots made in the previewer. The same information is also within reach of project managers tracking the transformation progress using a web browser.

Features and Benefits

The dumb-terminal facelift solution lets you to select different modernization levels of your green-screen applications:

  • Basic "as-is" transformation
    - Terminal emulation in RUI 
    - Legacy users
  • Standard transformation 
    - Use standard web UI metaphors 
    - Use CSS formatting 
    - Minimal change to functionality
  • Enhanced transformation
    - Enhanced widget usage 
    - Richer orchestration of UI
  • Post-migration modernization
    - Pure Client/Server 
    - SOA

Supported Languages

  • VA Gen
  • Natural
  • CA Gen (Cool:GEN)
  • Ideal
  • RPG
  • EGL

White Papers

Feel free to download our whitepapers for further information on our products and solutions:

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