Smalltalk to Web 2.0 Modernization Solution (SMT)

Migrate, transform and modernize your mission-critical, client/server Smalltalk applications to a distributed and scaleable Web architecture and platform.  This is the most advanced and comprehensive automated Smalltalk migration and modernization solution available in the marketplace today!  It guarantees functional equivalence and eliminates end-user retraining. It dramatically reduces risk, cost and failure inherent in a rewrite. Gain a massive market advantage by rapidly migrating your desktop GUI applications into a a single-page JavaScript rich-client with zero-deployment web front-end powered by industrial-strength Java EE or .NET mid-tier application server back-ends, or open source, cross-platform Node.js server-side runtime environment.

No more more screen scraping! No more remote desktop sessions! No more legacy! 

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Modernization Analysis, Discovery and Planning

  • Architecture analysis
  • Migration Analysis
  • Dead code analysis

Architecture Transformation

  •  Web 2.0 and SOA Enablement
  • Application layering, restructuring / reorganization
  • Component extraction / de-coupling

Automated Migration to Web 2.0, Mobile and Cloud

Test Automation and Service Virtualization


  • Smalltalk to Java / JEE (Eclipse) 
  • Smalltalk to C# / .NET (VB.NET)

  • Smalltalk to JavaScript / Node.js (Dojo, AngularJS) 

  • Smalltalk to to JavaScript / .NET or JEE

  • Smalltalk to EGL / Rich UI


Feel free to view our Smalltalk demo to experience the power and flexibility of the SMT toolset:

Synchrony SMT Demo (Flash, 5.9MB)


The only commercial interactive, static type inferencing solution available on the market today

Static Type Inference Service

Type Inferencing Feedback

Quick User-assisted Type Assignment

Comprehensive User-assisted Type Assignment


Get precise metrics of your Smalltalk Application and platform source code

Smalltalk Platform Statistics

Smalltalk Application Statistics

Explore and drill-down into your source code and navigate through all references

Smalltalk Reference Analysis

Smalltalk Reference Explorer

Define logical and functional source code components to improve knowledge mining and application understanding

 Define logical components

Define logical components

Views source from multiple perspectives

Component Dependency

Component Drill-down

Gain a new a deeper perspective of the Smalltalk platform and application architecture

Smalltalk Platform Component Architecture

Application Component Architecture

 "Protocols" Perspective

"Protocols" Perspective

"Literals" Perspective

A key aspect of application modernization is to surface the underling dependency on the source platform

Configuring Application Dependency on a Smalltalk Platform

Single Page View of entire usage of the Smalltalk Platform

Interactive Diagnostics

Interact with context sensitive, configurable, extensive and self-resolving diagnostics as you transform your application

Enabling/Disabling Diagnostics

Context-sensitive Diagnostics

Self-resolving Diagnostics

Dynamically updating Diagnostics


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by managing external knowledge-base rules that control resultant code quality of the automated transformation engine

Source-code Transformation Scripting Langauge (TSL)

Rewrite and Code-generation Rules

Use Smalltalk to write complex and extensible transformation rules 

Transforming en masse

Full traceability into matching and code generation rules and live target code

Automatic knowledgebase-driven matching of expressions and statements