Application Modernization Solutions

Highly automated and highly customizable solutions for modernizing enterprise systems to preserve IT investments  and avoid costly rewrites. Use a proven, low-risk approach to transform your mission-critical application with 100% functional equivalence  to the platform and programming language of choice.

Our modernization solutions are available for the following application architectures and platforms:

  • Monolithic 3270/5250 applications running on system System z or IBM i, and other non-IBM mainframe and mid-range platforms
  • Client/Server distributed applications running on Windows and Unix platforms. Support is also available for modernization applications that run OS/2 or DOS operating systems

And offer the following key benefits:

  • Preservation of core software assets
  • Risk mitigation
  • Large ROI
  • Co-existence of ongoing development

3270/5250 to Web 2.0 Facelift

Rapid modernization and Facelift of terminal host applications from  3270 and 5250 to Web 2.0. Run the modernized UI on native Web technologies of your choice while preserving your host side back-end processing. The result is fully transformed code running in a browser with zero client-side deployment that is maintainable on target platform.

  • 3270 mainframe (System z) applications running COBOL and PL1
  • 5250 AS400 / i Series / IBM i applications running COBOL or RPG

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VA/Gen GUI to Web 2.0

One of a kind windows-in-a-browser solutions: transform your legacy Client/Server GUI applications running on Smalltalk, Java, PowerBuilder and VisualBasic to a native rich Web 2.0 platform -- a multi-windowed desktop application migrated to a multi-windowed application inside a browser with zero deployment.

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Smalltalk to Web 2.0

Transforming your mission-critical Smalltalk applications from all industry standard commercial Smalltalk platforms to Java, C# and Web 2.0. Supported Smalltalk platforms are:

  • VisualAge Smalltalk from IBM
  • VA Smalltalk from Instantiations
  • VisualWorks from Cincom
  • Object Studio from Cincom
  • Visual Smalltalk Enterprise (VSE) from Cincom

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Advanced Modernizations

After transforming your enterprise application to a web-based platform, we can work with you to extend and further modernize your applications with a more modern navigation, help you take advantage of the new API economy, further enhance the user experience through mashups and extend your reach with social networking.


We provide multiple levels of customizable Java, Smalltalk and Web 2.0 application design training. Bootcamps and classes will be provide at your location. 

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Professional Services

We offer targeted professional services with highly experience team and close-nit network of 3rd-party Synchrony certified business partners to help  deliver your transformed and modernized application application at speed and at the fraction of cost of a rewrite. 

We work with our customers to deploy our industry-leading modernizations solutions - TX3™, GT2™, and SMT™, as well as other 3rd-party modernization solutions to help you with all your software asset management, transformation and modernization projects.


"Synchrony's technical leadership in this field is unmatched and their proven customer track record exemplify what a successful partnership is all about."

— Ed Gondek, IBM Rational

"I consider Synchrony Systems a professional company. They put down a challenging planning and stuck to it. Their knowledge of the subject matter is impressive"

— Geert Hids, Manager Fortis Bank

I have been working with Synchrony now for a number of years both direct and via IBM in the world of application migration.
I have found them receptive and responsive even in the face of some substantial challenges and timescales.
More importantly they have always responded in a professional manner, always in the timescales permitted by the opportunity, and with something that works.
Good on 'em.

— Bernard Clowes, CTO Nextel AM

When customer satisfaction with our migrated application user interface is a preeminent requirement we turn to Synchrony Systems!

— Frank Driscoll, CEO FBDA

Supported Languages

  • RPG
  • PL/1
  • Java
  • .net
  • C/C++/C#
  • Visual Basic
  • Smalltalk

Supported Platforms

  • VisualAge Smalltalk
  • VisualAge Java
  • VisualAge Generator
  • EGL
  • Cool:Gen
  • Ideal
  • Natural
  • Powerbuilder