Training Courses

Synchrony offers the following courses to its customers and partners. Upon completion of a course, please be sure to fill out a short evaluation form.

3270/5250 and GUI Migration to Web 2.0 Training and SI Partner Enablement
This is a hands-on course on RMErui for System Integrators who are looking to help deploy Synchrony's Rich UI solution in VAGen to EGL migrations. Topics include:

  • RUI architecture for Text UI and GUI migrations

  • Migrating RUI artifacts

  • Project and deployment configurations

  • RUI data exchanges with the server tier

  • Large application building processes

  • Debugging, error reporting in automated migration projects

  • Successful integration tests for migrated apps

  • Editing migrated RUI screens

Smalltalk to Java/.NET/Web 2.0 Training and SI Partner Enablement
This is a hands-on course on SMT (Smalltalk Migration Technology) software covering the entire life cycle of Smalltalk Application Migration. A sample application developed in Visual Smalltalk Enterprise, VisualWorks or Object Studio will be migrated to VisualAge for Smalltalk. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Application export facilities from all source platforms 

  • Assessment of the migration complexity and project preparation and setup 

  • Namespace Migration 

  • Migration Model Browser, inspection and editing tools 

  • Knowledge bases (UI Class and Features, Source-code Rewrite Rules, Name Transformations for superclasses and extended classes) 

  • Operation Log capturing the entire migration effort and full replay capabilities 

  • Diagnostics sub-system and automatic problem resolution 

  • Migration of UI (Font Analysis, Pre-compilation/Post-compilation Layout Testing) 

  • Compilation dependency analysis 

  • Comprehensive prerequisite analysis and resolution 

  • Comprehensive reference analysis and browsing 

  • Powerful syntactic source-code Search/Replace Engine 

  • SMT runtime debugging support

EGL/RUI Programming
This course introduces students to EGL (Enterprise Generation Language), a 4GL well-suited to the rapid development of Web applications using either browser-based GUIs or traditional "green-screen" text-based user interfaces (TUIs). The course also provides an introduction to JSF (JavaServer Faces) and shows how JSF and EGL can work together to provide a rapid development environment for Web applications. Topics include:

  • Introduction to EGL.

  • WebSphere Studio overview and demonstration. 

  • Relational database access with EGL. 

  • EGL data types. 

  • EGL records and data structures. 

  • EGL program structure. 

  • EGL statements. 

  • JSF components. 

  • Writing JSPs using JSF and EGL. 

  • Text-base user interfaces and EGL forms. 

  • EGL built-in functions and variables. 

  • Error messages with EGL and JSF.

  • WebSphere Studio facilities for EGL development.

Java Programming for Smalltalkers
This course is for the Smalltalk programmer who needs to learn Java. Throughout the course Java programming concepts are presented and described from the perspective of the Smalltalk programmer. This course makes for a smooth transition from Smalltalk programming to Java programming. Content includes:

  • Introduction to Eclipse 

  • Version Control Management in Eclipse 

  • Bridging the Gap between Smalltalk and Java 

  • Smalltalk Compatibility for Java - Non UI 

  • Introduction to SWT and JFACE 

  • Smalltalk Compatibility for Java - UI 

  • Java Application Evolution