VA/Gen GUI to Web 2.0 Modernization Solution

Transform your mission-critical IBM VisualAge Generator GUI application to Web 2.0 platform.  This highly automated solution is fast, cost-effective, guarantees functional equivalence and eliminates end-user retraining. 


Run your Windows desktop GUI application as a native, single-page Web 2.0 application.

Modern Architecture

Run your application in a modern web 2.0 service oriented architecture and leverage standard technologies and add on services

The transformation to Web 2.0 supports all original visual programming elements from VA/Gen GUI running natively in Javascript on the browser client tier.

The mid tier provides automatic translation of web-based data from the browser to the host and back, effectively supporting structured records from the client tier through the host.

Visual Editor

Transformed VA/Gen GUI is fully editable using EGL/RUI Visual Editor

Select and drag widgets to edit layout and properties.

Drag and drop widgets from the palette into the UI canvas.

Directly move and resize table columns.

Fully compatible widget library

New GUI VE.019.png

Widget layout definition using edge attachments provides elastic layout.

See full widget hierarchy and directly select widgets from outline view.

Click on notebook tabs to edit individual pages.

Features and Benefits

  • End-to-end Web 2.0 applications quickly in a single easy-to-learn language
  • Fully open and extensible
  • Uses a rich, extensible widget library, including support for Dojo
  • Eclipsed-based development, testing, and debugging
  • Support for all types of web services
  • Generates standard Javascript, CSS, and Ajax

Supported Languages

  • CSP
  • VAGen Smalltalk
  • VAGen Java

White Paper

Feel free to download our whitepapers for further information on our products and solutions:

Synchrony GT2 Solution (4.8 MB)