Synchrony Systems has been helping companies modernize their legacy, mission-critical applications for over 20 years.

Their extensive experience, deep belief in automation while maintaining agility, and desire to develop a more systematic way to modernize has resulted in the world’s only Modernization Lifecycle Platform or MLP for short.

Synchrony believes so much in their approach that they drink their own champagne, using it for every modernization project they do, no matter the starting or ending programming language or platform. Partners across the globe have also adopted MLP as a cornerstone in their modernization projects with clients.

No matter if your or your client’s legacy applications are host platforms such as COBOL, PRG, and PL1, 4GL platforms such as ADABAS/Natural, COOL:Gen, and VAGen, or client/server platforms such as Smalltalk, Java, VisualBasic and PowerBuilder, Synchrony can help you transform them to a modern architecture.

100% Guarantee

Synchrony guarantees that your converted target application will work identical to your original source application. No other company or solution can give you that guarantee.

Unique Technology

Synchrony's tools encompass a rich portfolio of products that automate the modernization of complex, large-scale business applications at a fraction of original cost and time, and provide you with the ability to measure, estimate and track the modernization progress.

Experienced Team

Synchrony's leading technical and management team bring hundreds of person years in combined experience in the market of Enterprise Modernization. Team members are always on, connected, and provide a fast turnaround to support the needs of our customers.

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Synchrony is led by Slavik Zorin, President and CEO. Under Slavik’s leadership, Synchrony has built and OEM-ed several migration products that modernize client/server and mainframe applications to Java, web 2.0, mobile, and cloud platforms. He is also the visionary behind their Modernization Lifecycle Platform (MLP), which was a 2019 CODiE finalist for Best Emerging Technology and a 2018 CODiE finalist for Best DevOps Tool. Slavik is a recognized thought leader in the legacy application modernization space.

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