Our Software Modernization Partners

Nothing great happens in isolation. Not only are we extending the capabilities of MLP to other legacy and modern, emerging technologies, but we are building an ecosystem of growing, best-of-breed, modernization services providers and solution provider business partners. Together, we provide a comprehensive offering for modernizing your legacy applications and bringing your mission-critical IT technology portfolio to the 21st century. 

  • Innovation drives technology and it's innovation that allows IBM's Enterprise Application Modernization solutions to shine one step above the others. These technologies are delivered by IBM and its Business Partners. Synchrony Systems, a long standing IBM Business Partner, provides critical tooling for IBM's Enterprise Application Modernization initiatives. Their Rich User Interface transformation technology allows long established, business-critical, 3270 applications to take full advantage of the Web, Web 2.0 and emerging Internet technologies all without rewriting code. This approach provides tremendous value and efficiency. It has a low TCA by leverages existing assets and investments and incredible TCO via the IBM Rational and IBM WebSphere software development platforms. Synchrony's technical leadership in this field is unmatched and their proven customer track record exemplify what a successful partnership is all about. Plus they're fun guys to work with - what else could you ask for in a business partner?
    — Ed Gondek, IBM Senior IT Certified Specialist, WW Application Modernization Solutions Architect, IBM Rational
  • I have been working with Synchrony now for a number of years both direct and via IBM in the world of application migration. I have found them receptive and responsive even in the face of some substantial challenges and timescales. More importantly they have always responded in a professional manner, always in the timescales permitted by the opportunity, and with something that works.
Good on 'em.
    — Bernard Clowes, CTO Nextel AM
  • When customer satisfaction with our migrated application user interface is a preeminent requirement we turn to Synchrony Systems! Over the years we have found Slavik and his team will always turn in an outstanding performance whether the issue be technical, schedule or cost. They are great to work with and focus like a laser on customer satisfaction. They have provided creative UI solutions in support of our legacy migration projects and recently supported FBDA with a critical world class RUI interface solution against a demanding project schedule. I could not be happier with their performance and would recommend them to any of my customers without reservation.
    — Frank Driscoll, President and CEO, FBD Associates Inc.
  • In the spring of 2004 Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg (LBBW), one of the largest banks in Germany, embarked on a project to migrate their ObjectStudio (formerly Enfin) application to VisualAge for Smalltalk. The application in question was ProFIS; an LBBW strategic application comprised of 1,700 views and 5,000 classes. A key condition of the project was that the ROI should be attained within two years therefore a manual migration was ruled out. Tricept Informationssysteme AG, a strategic partner of LBBW for application development, was entrusted with a feasibility study. After intense research Tricept engaged with Synchrony in an evaluation of Synchrony's migration processes and technology (SMT) and the decision was made to perform the LBBW migration project using Synchrony's methodology and tools. The migration project began in June 2004. During the project the strengths of SMT, particularly in the definition of complex changeover rules and in the adaptability of the system, were surfaced. A large challenge of the project was addressing the continual evolution of the original application. This requirement was superbly supported by both Synchrony's methodology and SMT which enable an iterative process of merging migrated code with ongoing newly developed code. The entire migration project was successfully executed in less than one year within the allotted budget. We are absolutely confident about Synchrony and SMT as a migration solution. The strength of the migration capabilities - along with support for complete refactoring and a change of the application design - was instrumental in us founding a strong partnership with Synchrony for the German speaking region.
    — Michael Vosgen, CTO, Tricept Information Systems AG