Application Modernization Lifecycle Platform (MLP)

Transformation through automation with integrated and collaborative workflow for all stakeholders

A PaaS powered by DevOps for a growing ecosystem of Solution Providers and System Integrators that delivers broad range of application modernization offerings for transforming mission-critical IT software applications @scale

MLP is powered by state-of-the-art Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps capabilities to support the entire modernization lifecycle -- from analysis and planning to continuous transformation, build and deployment, to testing and production release.

We provide a cloud-based platform for managing entire modernization lifecycle with Application Transformation Lifecycle Management (ATLM) and DevOps capabilities:

  • Transformation through automation of code, UI and data
  • Build, deployment and release automation
  • Defect management, functional and performance testing 
  • Visibility and traceability to all stakeholders  throughout the entire modernization lifecycle.
  • Source code inventory analysis and classification
  • Platform transformation analysis and classification
  • Architecture transformation analysis
  • Planning, management & project tracking
  • Reporting and  live dashboards

Live Metrics

Access to key metrics is instantaneous with live updates. 

Automated Workflows

Efficiency of execution of workflows allows for fast cycles through the modernization process.

Integrated Testing

Testing becomes agile when the testing feedback is integrated into the running application. Designed for speed, the filtering and defect tracking user interface makes the QA process dynamic and efficient.

Source Traceability

Always know what action resulted in changes to transformed source code and when it took place.