Agile Modernization with Precision and Speed

As an IT organization, you are trying to balance stability and predictability with innovation. You are trying accelerate your responsiveness to change, address new compliance regulations and take advantage of the new advances in technology — all of which leaves in-house, mission-critical, legacy applications in limbo. The accumulated technical debt caused by continuing to support applications built on antiquated programming languages and platforms is the root cause for resource attrition and inability to attract new technical talent. Under these conditions, a total ground-up rewrite and replacement of these applications is just too risky and costly to even consider.

Synchrony Systems has the solution. No matter the source or target programming language, we apply the same, systematic modernization approach. The underlying modernization process is uniform and driven by automation, not the unpredictable, open-ended manual rewrite. The agile, iterative nature of our modernization approach eliminates the need for code freezes and allows business and IT to run uninterrupted.



Avoid Costly Rewrites

Our highly automated and customizable solutions are a proven, low-risk approach to modernization of software.


Preserve IT Investment

Modernize software to new Web 2.0, Mobile, and Cloud-based technology with 100% functional equivalence and no code freezes.

Deliver on Promises

Your modernization project will be on time, on budget and of high quality using Synchrony Systems.


We are witnessing an unprecedented number of application modernization initiatives worldwide as the race towards digital transformation gains pace. These initiatives are no longer considered as an IT expense — they have become strategic investments. Our best-of-breed modernization solutions automate source code transformation and leverage MLP to manage the entire lifecycle of modernizations, thus accelerating time to value and time to market. Our systematic modernization approach powered by automation delivers full traceability and complete transparency during modernization projects. We save thousands of hours by avoiding manual work, and in the process, reduce the risk of introducing unexpected and random errors. Unlike the alternatives, we guarantee 100% equivalence in functionality  and end-user experience, while delivering value by bringing your applications to the latest web, mobile and cloud platforms.


Solutions for Retiring Major Legacy Platforms

Host/Mainframe Modernizations

Put an end to dumb-terminal front-end and rapidly transform your green-screen applications to native Web platforms and modern user interfaces.

Client/Server Modernizations


Migrate, transform and modernize your mission-critical, client/server applications to a distributed and scaleable Web architecture and platform.

Web 1.0 Modernizations

Strengthen your security and mobility by modernization your Web 1.0 applications to the latest in Web technology

Ready to get Started?

  • It was in a word refreshing to work with Synchrony Systems. They make good on their initial planning and yet show flexibility in accommodating changes in their work process to match ours. In terms of quality delivered I doubt any other firm would have been able to migrate our system with this result: live within a year and no issues left to speak of. All in all a great atmosphere during the project with good support, and even better results.
    — Evert Jan de Groot, Project Manager, Fortis Bank
  • The Synchrony Systems team are absolute wizards with programming languages. Their experience with modernizations across many platforms has given them a unique ability to anticipate many potential hiccups and challenges and mitigate them early on. Their systematic approach using rules-based automation and a platform that manages the entire modernization project lifecycle is unlike anything else on the market today. This is why we continue to engage with them on what’s now three of our major modernization projects. I highly recommend Synchrony Systems without hesitation to other companies who need to modernize their applications.
    — Mattheus (Theo) Kloosterman, IT Project Manager, SoCalGas
  • Over the years we have found that Synchrony will always turn in an outstanding performance whether the issue be technical, schedule, or cost. They are great to work with and focus like a laser on customer satisfaction. I could not be happier with their performance and would recommend them without reservation.
    — Frank Driscoll, President and CEO, FBD Associates Inc.
  • Synchrony's technical leadership in this field is unmatched and their proven customer track record exemplify what a successful partnership is all about.
    — Ed Gondek, Application Modernization Solutions Architect, IBM Rational