VisualAge Generator (VAGen) GUIs To Web 2.0 Modernization Solution

Migrate, transform and modernize your mission-critical, client/server IBM VAGen applications to a distributed and scaleable Web architecture and platform. This is the most advanced and comprehensive automated VAGen/Smalltalk and VAGen/Java migration and modernization solution available in the marketplace today!  It guarantees functional equivalence and eliminates end-user retraining. It dramatically reduces risk, cost and failure inherent in a rewrite. Gain a massive market advantage by rapidly migrating your desktop GUI applications into a a single-page JavaScript rich-client with zero-deployment web front-end powered by industrial-strength Java EE or .NET mid-tier application server back-ends, or open source, cross-platform Node.js server-side runtime environment.

No more more screen scraping! No more remote desktop sessions!

Incremental VAGen Modernization - Production

"As-Is" transformation

  • "As-Is"

  • Fat-client

  • No retraining

Web transformation

  • GUIs in the Browser
  • Distributed
  • No retraining

Mobile / transformation

  • Modernized for mobile
  • Modern orchestration of UI
  • Cloud & microservices ready

Incremental VAGen Modernization - Development

VAGen GUI Editor

  • Visual parts

  • Non-visual parts

  • Connections (visual "visual spaghetti")

2.2 black arrow.png

Eclipse IDE/Visual Editor

  • Widget palette with rich UI widgets

  • Support for constraint-based widget layout

  • Dependencies expressed in code  (no "visual spaghetti")

Incremental VAGen Modernization - Architecture

Web Client Tier

  • Thin-client (JavaScript)

  • Interactive, rich UI

  • REST API calls

Service Middle Tier

  • Web Application Server

  • REST/Web Services

  • Java/C#/Node.js application logic

Host Tier

  • Continue with high performance

  • Continue with high reliability

  • Continue with high security


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